There Are No Ants in This Book

This hilarious meta picture book from the author of Butterflies Are Pretty . . . Gross! shows us that ants aren’t so bad. In fact, they’re pretty amazing, and with their humongous families, they might turn your picnic into a party!

Nothing can ruin a picnic faster than a bunch of ants. It’s a good thing there are no ants in this book . . . well, maybe there’s only one. Or two. . . . Or ten??

Maybe it’s not so bad. Ants are kind of cool, after all — especially the ones with amazing butts, like the Acrobat Ant that waves its back end around to scare off enemies. Or the Slender Leaf Ant that can glide through the air. Or the Dinosaur Ant, which is the biggest ant in the world! Okay, so a picnic with ants is actually lots of fun!

But what if an anteater also wants to join the picnic?