Rosemary Mosco

Science Communicator & Naturalist

About Rosemary

Rosemary uses writing, art, and field experiences to connect people with the natural sciences. She has created acclaimed science cartoons, served in communications roles for groups such as NPS and Mass Audubon, and led unique nature walks. Her graphic novel Solar Systems comes out via First Second Books in 2019.

Her work has been featured by Boing Boing, IFLS, Audubon, Upworthy, io9, Science News, The Globe and Mail, Neatorama, The Huffington Post, It’s Okay to be Smart, The Mary Sue, The Times of India, Laughing Squid, The Nib, and more. Find interviews with her on the The National Wildlife Federation’s blog, Mother Nature Network, and The Birdist. Her favorite glacial landform is the esker.

Online Comics & Science Art

Bird and Moon Comics & Charts

These carefully researched comics and diagrams share the funny side of nature and discuss environmental issues. They were the subject of an award-winning exhibit at PRI’s Museum of the Earth. Find Bird and Moon merchandise for sale through TopatoCo.

Wild City Comics

Rosemary co-created this weekly comic about urban ecology with author and illustrator Maris Wicks. They’ll tell you how cicadas make noise and why sparrows roll in dirt. They feature the work of researchers, including those studying owls in Australia and agoutis in Brazil.

pixelbirdsOther Work

Rosemary has created infographics, logos, stickers, tshirts, and more for conservation groups. She made Wild Toronto, a strip about city nature, for Torontoist. She has also made games (eg. a poison ivy ID quiz and a game about albatross conservation).

Books & Articles

sciencecomicSolar Systems

This is a book about science, adventure, and finding your place in the vastness of space. It’s a graphic novel for First Second Books, out in 2019, with art by Jon Chad. Ages 9-12.

Mass Audubon Publicationsmassaudubon

From 2014-2016 Rosemary coordinated Mass Audubon’s quarterly publication Connections, and helped develop their newest publication, Explore. She also wrote for Mass Audubon’s Your Great Outdoors blog.

Other Workmefl

Rosemary writes for Mental_Floss, contributing articles on science and nature, from coconut crabs to crickets to capuchins.

Walks & Talks

Rosemary has led field walks for adult audiences on all sorts of topics, from urban botany to herpetofauna to the field characteristics of bacteria. She gives talks on comics and nature, including Ithaca College’s 2013 CP Snow Annual Lecture, and once served as a judge for a festival of bad ad-hoc hypotheses, BAHFest East.

When she’s not writing, she’s out in the field doing some amateur nature photography and trying not to feed the mosquitoes.